This Girl Is Into Football!

September 28, 2012 at 9:39 am

It’s Sunday! We’re going to the game! I won free tickets at a bar! I really love Rob Gronkowski! I like the Bills, but I LOVE Gronk! I’m going to wear my Lee Evans jersey! He’s my favorite player on the Bills!

I am the only girl on this limo bus! I am just like one of the guys! A drink?! Sure! I’ll take a wine cooler if you have one! Tom Brady is so dreamy! Let’s go Bills!

I have to pee, guys! Pull over! I’ll just go on the side of the road! I’m so fearless! Lol!

Balls in her hand. Not surprising.

Tailgating is my favorite! I play beer pong! I haven’t done a beer bong since high school! You jerks! You spilled beer all over my T.O. jersey! Did you do that on purpose?! It’s a good thing I brought a Reggie Bush jersey! He dated Kim Kardashian! I like the colors for Miami better anyway!

The line for the bathroom is so long! I will just cut the line for the men’s bathroom and use that instead! I’m shocking and unpredictable!

These seats are awful, but I am so drunk! I will scream at times where it appears to be appropriate! GRONK! I want to have your baby! Lol! Everyone is looking at me now! Yes! Just kidding guys! I think you’re all sexy! Where’s T.O.?!

I tried out to be a Jill! They only pick skinny bitches! That is totes racist!

YEAH, Fitzpatrick, you suck! I am a real fan! I appear to have knowledge of the game! Look at Gronk’s ass! Look at it!

The Bills lost! I am indifferent! We have been sitting in this traffic for a long time! I will cuddle with the guy who appears to be the least threatening! I will not let him get past first base! Do the Bills play again next Sunday?! I am really into football, guys!

Smiles that can melt their father’s racism.