Mic’d Anger Episode 5: Facebook Tournament Of Awful Selection Show

March 13, 2013 at 3:25 pm

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Because “Radio Broadcaster” is my chosen career, I am obligated (contractually bound, I think) to do a spin on the NCAA Tourney slated to start next week.  Many stations will do a bracket with competing rock stars, legends of rock, or guitarists, etc.  While that may all be fine and good and result in an increased amount of traffic for that station’s site, I would have a hard time getting passionate enough to sell that to you, the consumer.

What I am passionate about is my disdain for Facebook.  It’s awful.  Ranking the varying degrees of Facebook suckitude and presenting it in the form of a bracket Mad Marchness style? I’m in.

A bracket ceases being legitimate without the thought and debate behind it.  ESPN spends hours of programming devoted to the back and forth of “who’s in” or “who’s on the bubble.”  In today’s Mic’d Anger Episode, Corey Moran plays Digger Phelps to my Reece Davis.  The official bracket unveiling is about a week away.  Before it can be finalized some serious objections need to be heard.

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