Weird Question…

March 19, 2013 at 12:33 pm

544127_10151540565595491_1635898412_nHad an unreal time last weekend in Philadelphia.  Friends, family, drinks, dinners, history…just awesome all around.  The catalyst for our trip was the chance to go to a Finch concert.  In 2003, Finch had two really good songs on an otherwise mediocre album titled “What It Is To Burn.” Some friends and I were in attendance for the 10th anniversary show on Friday night at The Electric Factory.  There were high points. (“Letters To You” remains exceptional.  Just a great song that was cool to see live again.) There were low points. (The band decided to stray from the order of the album post encore and play a handful of stiffs before performing the anticipated title single.) But my lasting memory actually occurred before the band ever took the stage.

Here we are, just 4 bros waiting for the band to take the stage when an unassuming gentleman injects himself into our crew with a, “Weird question, you guys know where I can score some blow?”


That was good for a serious laugh.  What I’m trying to figure out is did we fit the profile of your standard coke heads? Did we appear wealthier than many of the other dregs in attendance? In reality, 50% of who he just queried have actually never even tried drugs ever.  Does this gentleman make a habit of asking “weird questions?”

“Weird question, does this look infected?”

“Weird question, is this Bed, Bath and Beyond?”

“Weird question, can you help me lift a body?”

“Weird question, how much does your wife weigh?”

“Weird question, aren’t you guys better than this?”

No, no we’re not.