Wide Righteous–Fantasy Football–10/16/13

October 16, 2013 at 2:48 pm
Scott Norwood.  No good.  Wide right.

Scott Norwood. No good. Wide right.

How strong is the pull of Fantasy Football?

I attended the Bills/Bengals game on Sunday.  Rather than paying attention to another failed Bills rally, or mingling with gen pop inside the stadium (gross), I sat, alone, inside the VIP box (you can’t floss on my level), watching the 9 televisions showing each ongoing game while checking my fantasy stats on my phone.

Before you label me a loser, you should know I was in the presence of the man notorious for our podcast’s name inspiration.

On today’s Wide Righteous we shun the need to cheer for mediocrity (Brian Moorman is back? YAY!) and submit that you should accept nothing less than a win for your fake football squad every weekend.

Jay Ferris and I are Rochester’s self-proclaimed Fantasy Football Experts.  Listen to Wide Righteous, set your lineup, win.