Wide Righteous–Fantasy Football–11/6/13

November 6, 2013 at 2:03 pm
Stay down.

Stay down.

Time for another episode of Wide Righteous where Jay Ferris and I dive into our weekly Fantasy Football adventures.  How bad can Fantasy Football be for one’s mental wellness? My love for the Chicago Bears is well documented.  So you would think that watching them beat their fiercest rival, in their house, on a national stage would be a highlight to my week, right?

Unfortunately, when your opponent plays two star Chicago players against you, and your team suffers a crushing defeat because of it, you begin to look elsewhere for joy (at least I have my healtZzzzzzzzz).

It’s bad.  I’ve begun to long for a day where I can focus my rooting interest each Sunday with laser like precision.  Alas, the competitor in me won’t allow it, and instead I revel in the fact that I traded away Aaron Rodgers the week he busted his delicate collar bone at the hands of Chicken Dinner Road.

So with that as a backdrop, please enjoy, download and subscribe to Wide Righteous.

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