My name is Chris, a.k.a. Mike Danger.

I’m a husband.  I’m a father.  I’m a broadcaster.  In that order.

I was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, and a big part of my heart remains there.

I grew up in East Grand Forks, Minnesota where I played hockey in the Winter, went bass fishing in the Summer, and learned to broadcast on the radio the rest of the time.

I moved to Rochester, New York in February of 1997 and I’m not leaving until they name a junior high after me.

I married my best friend in 2002. Together, we have two beautiful daughters.

I keep them fed by programming and managing both 98 PXY and 98.9 The Buzz along with their respective websites, apps, social media platforms and audio streams. You can also hear me live on The Buzz every weekday afternoon.

I love sports, consumption, music, video games, fitness, travel and camping.  At times, I target, observe, and ridicule.  I’m sure you’re safe and you and I will probably get along just fine.

Going to try and have some fun in this space, and it is my hope that you find enjoyment in what you read here.